Wednesday, 23 November 2011

wholecloth flannel quilt

Just took delivery of some lovely flannels from that I had planned to make some small cuddly quilts for the winter.
This quilt is simply made from two 2 yard pieces of  flannel with warm and natural batting
The design is michael miller play dot sea, I'm into pale blues and browns at the moment.
Backing is a snowflake print  cream flannel.The flannel, although lovely and soft, is easily damaged ( as I found when removing my microtacks) so I bordered with a normal cotton overlaid with a silver print for a bit more strength.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Christmas mats 1+2

Used all my kate spain flurry scraps now
quilted the left hand one with loose vermicelli pattern. On the right I used close quilting with some embroidery stitches on my machine I haven't used before (  most of them ! ) I love the feel of close quilting ; these little mats are a fun way of trying out new techniques and stitches , and having something useful at the end.
I think they will go to mum  to use for her flower vases.
Hope all your christmas projects are going well?

Thursday, 10 November 2011

guy fawkes competition

Just won 3 lovely quilting books for  the school of stitched textiles  guy fawkes  challenge

Also had a lovely meal at jamie oliver's new italian restaurant in bluewater; best ever olives, tapenade and music bread.......chicken liver tortellini in sage and butter........cherry, salted caramel and strawberry cream ice creams with honey comb topping........all a bargain as 50% off as it was a training evening, and they did well.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

christmas quilt number 2

This one is for me
getting the borders on now to make it large enough for  bed
found some volcanic looking red blender in my stash
reckon another 2 inch patterned border, then some more red blender should do it
better leave it alone now as its late and there's a baby sleeping next door....better not  let the Pfaff pound on into the night!