Monday, 30 January 2012

Quilt as you go

Studied Ann Petersen's Craftsy video on big quilts with small machine to give this technique a go

wanted to avoid having to send off to longarm quilter ( love you all, but cash strapped), so my idea was to free motion the furoshiki, then join using sashing front and back technique.
Ann showed a method where the back sashing is machined by quilting in the ditch on the front edge sashing. Tried this, but my stitch line was messy and did not always catch the back sashing. So....had to resort to HAND SEWING edge of back sashing down....good grief, the effort !

Hope it holds; always remember my hand sewn border on my first quilt coming undone after a few nights of using the quilt, so I became a machine convert. 

Dear daughter had her birthday this weekend...went for a cupcake type creation. She, of course, spent most of the day hunched over Facebook as she is now officially old enough to have an  account, so I couldn't use her age  as an  excuse any more. Had to hunt a bit for 13th candle in the dusty recesses.......

Friday, 20 January 2012

furoshiki inspiration

These 4 seasons furoshiki arrived today from tokyo
really love them, just planning on how to make a quilt with them
do you like? I'm definitely into things  japanese at the moment

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Block 216 it is

Christmas quilts packed away now; finally dug out the quilt I started in the sumer when V taught me to foundation piece 
Need to make a border
Chose block 136 from Carol Doak's 300 paper pieced blocks
Only another 49 blocks to go.........
Do you recognise the bottom fabric?
I loved reading hungry caterpillar to my daughter, so when I saw the print I had to have some

Saturday, 7 January 2012

furoshiki number 2


Had this lovely print from canton quilt works staring at me from the not quite put away fabric pile by the sofa;  teamed it up with a turquoise kona cotton
made it 70x70 cm, which is better size to wrap my flask for work
at last an excuse to bring stitched  fabric to work...

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

furoshiki discovery

Wow, another lovely finding for me with my late night surfing
I was looking for a nice lunchbox ( poor choice in UK) and came across wonderful bento ranges, and accompanying furoshiki wraps
great!, can absorb any little leaks and also be your napkin,  I love them...
made my first tonight from a lovely fat quarter I was given at Christmas

note the dusty unread NLP book.....

now tie and knot 2 opposite ends

and then tuck in fabric and knot the other ends

a little bundle ready to go, hey