Sunday, 23 August 2015

36 kona colour scraps

Can't believe its 6 months since last post...well, you've had a break from me.

Into a few things at the moment
Still plodding on doing the lovely ikea quilt from jelly quilts, 
so got a load of lovely solids as scraps ( 36 colours of kona), so happy to enter Robert Kaufmann comp #rhodaruthblockchallenge
accurate piecing is not my thing, so had to steam and pull, but quite fun to make

Also been learning dressmaking over recent months, had a lovely evening course at the white room SE4 which gave me loads of confidence, although had to buy new non grotty bra so as not to scare tutor/pupils when I changed in and out of draft dress during class, ha ha.I can now alter shift dress pattern to fit my 14 top and 10 bottom, hurray. This is my first dress made from  JL fabric I had to buy in a hurry as got onto the course at the last minute

This is Merchant and Mills Panel Dress....a warning, no zip, so once I slimmed it down over the hips, could not get it over my chest without struggle, like a very unsexy strip tease

  Got some lovely natural fleece to make this hoodie ( first knitted garment)

  I asked my best friend to buy me some liberty lawn for my birthday to make this sheath dress which I lined with red satin, love love bright linings!

Also had a bash at embroidery, learning the stitches on you tube , and took a sweet sampler on holiday with me to Spain. This was just as well as it was too darn hot to do anything but sit in the shade and sew. I was sitting on the from of the plane, so as the queue for the loos  was next to me, got lots of  interested looks and comments from passengers as they spotted my little tin box of  pretty aurifil flosses

 Been looking out for a good pattern for fabric slippers as commercial ones are so uninspiring, found a good one for kimono slippers is a bit out, but thats probably because of my enormous 1/4 inch seams which are  not 1/4 by any means

 Got requests to make them for a friend with teeny feet and my lovely aunt with longer feet to match her endless long legs

Also made a load of hexies on hols, tried the glue method, but the papers were really hard to remove, so will be returning to  basting .