Monday, 18 February 2013

pantone colours

Finally took down my Pantone colour chart which I had printed on cotton, courtesy of Spoonflower
Love colour charts, but its been up for a long time now so I chopped it up and made some pouches and linings
Finally getting the hang of putting in the zips properly, the old zipper foot works a treat. I quilt the front and back panels with warm and natural batting to give it an acceptable degree of squidgyness.
I can do zips, hah hah..........think I will order hundreds of  zips in all colours now

Started on a fat quarter stash of pearl bracelets too, and made a makeup bag for ME ; due to the fact that my previous one has been ruined by a small bottle of orange juice  doing its  own thing in my handbag.... it also killed my powermonkey which is NOT a good thing to have to replace, cant quilt one of those ! 
Mind you its nice to really have an excuse to make myself another  bag

A simple one in pink

Having signed up for solids bee, now have lots of scraps around

wonky, but in a good way I think....
Just dropped off teen at Grandmas for 2 days. The idea is that she will notice/help if Grandma leaves the gas on, and that Grandma will do things with teen that take her away from the phone/ipod/ipad/desktop for an hour or so, hmmm...will my master plan work?

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

US goodies

Received this little letter today
Thanks Shannon for the needles,  sewing tip, and even a square of batting for a mouse's quilt!

Monday, 11 February 2013

travel pillow facelift

Boring old  pillow, unloved, forgotten

Washed, dried and given a  new coat of liberty lawn and pearl necklaces

Now you're fit to come on the plane with me!

In fact, think I need an overhaul to match the pillow

Saturday, 9 February 2013

messenger bag

Loved the look of this unisex messenger bag tutorial from sew-4-home

An excuse to buy some lovely fabrics from village haberdashery to make it
Really adore the freshness and simplicity of Lotta Jansdotters designs

As I was still trying to make the strap at 0115 this morning,  and having great trouble cutting an accurate 60 x2 inch strip from the canvas, I decided to make a webbing strap, and then I could rest easy.

The main linings and pocket linings use other grey/white prints from her range Hmm, a white fabric bag?  Did I think this one through?  Maybe I can buy some fabric protector spray?

Off to drag my teenager off to a veggie restaurant in London today, menus look delicious. At least they have tempura and cake, so I know R will be able to eat.

Thursday, 7 February 2013

spoonflower treat

Here are 2 fat  quarters I bought with a gift voucher from my BF

Just getting ready to make sew 4 home messenger bag in some lovely scandinavian fabrics, but its taken a while to get all the zips, d rings etc etc 

finally cut all pieces , but now too tired to start. Work is TOUGH this  week .Trying not to eat sweets and chocolate as the traditional way of defusing stress in the ED............
Hows your weather?  More snow for my BF in Wales this weekend. We just have arctic temps in Kent.

Monday, 4 February 2013

joan mitchell

Just watched a great little documentary about Joan Mitchell
Her painting makes me want to QUILT

                                         I must watch Sky Arts more often, and learn.......

Friday, 1 February 2013


OK fellow quilterinas
I want a nice sharp hand needle with a BIG EYE for perle cotton embroidery ( maybe too grand a term...running stitch perhaps would be more accurate)
is this too much to ask for?
got sharp needles with tiny eyes
got big eyed needles, too blunt
needle threaders keep breaking

tried self threading needles, thread just pulled out




this panel  was done with a darner, now have a bad tense back and sore pushy finger ( metal thimble falls off, leather one flips off too )

I bet you've got good advice?
nighty night......