Friday, 1 February 2013


OK fellow quilterinas
I want a nice sharp hand needle with a BIG EYE for perle cotton embroidery ( maybe too grand a term...running stitch perhaps would be more accurate)
is this too much to ask for?
got sharp needles with tiny eyes
got big eyed needles, too blunt
needle threaders keep breaking

tried self threading needles, thread just pulled out




this panel  was done with a darner, now have a bad tense back and sore pushy finger ( metal thimble falls off, leather one flips off too )

I bet you've got good advice?
nighty night......


  1. I use Size 8 needles from Jeana Kimball ( My stitches are far from perfect but I am happy with them and they are easily done with these long needles. The needle's big eye allows threading with the fold over the needle and pinch method. Here's a pic of what I am doing now

  2. i use to hand quilt with pearle cotton and found some needles that worked well. i have since thrown out the packaging, but if you want, i can stick some in the mail to you. i have plenty to share :)