Monday, 18 February 2013

pantone colours

Finally took down my Pantone colour chart which I had printed on cotton, courtesy of Spoonflower
Love colour charts, but its been up for a long time now so I chopped it up and made some pouches and linings
Finally getting the hang of putting in the zips properly, the old zipper foot works a treat. I quilt the front and back panels with warm and natural batting to give it an acceptable degree of squidgyness.
I can do zips, hah hah..........think I will order hundreds of  zips in all colours now

Started on a fat quarter stash of pearl bracelets too, and made a makeup bag for ME ; due to the fact that my previous one has been ruined by a small bottle of orange juice  doing its  own thing in my handbag.... it also killed my powermonkey which is NOT a good thing to have to replace, cant quilt one of those ! 
Mind you its nice to really have an excuse to make myself another  bag

A simple one in pink

Having signed up for solids bee, now have lots of scraps around

wonky, but in a good way I think....
Just dropped off teen at Grandmas for 2 days. The idea is that she will notice/help if Grandma leaves the gas on, and that Grandma will do things with teen that take her away from the phone/ipod/ipad/desktop for an hour or so, hmmm...will my master plan work?

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