Sunday, 29 April 2012

one quilt down, one to go

Finished B's wedding quilt today, added some border of  navy/gold scroll  for a touch of bling

best of all, I had fun wrapping it all up!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

90th birthday quilt

Just finished the blocks for my best friend's mothers 90th birthday quilt
Chose some muted florals for a summer theme, papillon by 3 sisters for Moda
Not really my favourite palette to be honest, but quite shabby chic-ish I guess.
Just got to wait for border fabric to arrive from USA, then will back with a robin egg blue from Kona to give it a  flash of colour. I love Kona solids, there's such a fantastic range, I want them all
Had to happen, can't have one  of my quilts going out too muted!!

Friends mum has always been a great support and famous for always saying to me' you look lovely dear' even when I look like a tramp thats been pulled through a bush backwards wearing a bin bag ( in fact thats how I look today funnily enough)

I hope she likes it

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

wedding quilt

Long Island quilt safely off to long arm quilters so
next project....GO GO GO
Want  to make a quilt for my colleague Brendan who is getting married end of May, so need to get a move on. I go back to strips when time is at a  premium. Chose yellow/blue theme, wanted to sash it with white cotton pique , which seems to be impossible to find online. In the end I gave up and bought a good old makower dimples blender in yellow

Continuing with the yellow theme, impulse bought this jolly yellow frying pan this evening to cheer up the kitchen,  then my sister arrived on a surprise visit with  a fresh cinnamon pretzel for me, yippee.

Friday, 13 April 2012

pernilla's journey paradise limeade

After many pleasurable hours surfing the fabric sites    choosing a backing  for my long island quilt, finally settled on this wondrous print by Tina Givens . I love my backing to be a hit of colour; just like the excitement of finding a bright satin lining in a coat.

Also  giving me fabric pleasure this month, this great shirt I persuaded my friend to buy for her the clashing funky style from
whoo hoo! yeah baby!

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Easter quilting

Easter Sunday 2012 started with an easter egg hunt for ME, yes!
Daughter Robyn had lined up a great hunt with picture clues.......but then disaster struck
Out on our balcony , location of  the last clue and big gift, her card and 2 little chocolate bunnies had been blown off by  the freezing spring gale.  A sweet girl passing called up to see if the stuff on the ground was ours, and daughter was sent off downstairs to collect all. Most retrieved. One bunny didn't make it.........only a mangled gold wrapper on the ground remained. So sad.

Spent the rest of the day eating and  managed 3 border blocks between eggs. 
Happy Easter all.

Friday, 6 April 2012

No quilts, just food

Borough market on a Thursday, what a relief from the Saturday madness we usually experience.
Lovely to wander around calmly not having to fight through crowds of ( other ) foodies. We were on a mission to buy as much loveliness as possible and get it back home on the train before it started to warm up.
As luck had it the day was freezing, so shuddering in my spring cardie, we mooched around.
Robyn, my daughter was fascinated mainly with the fruit and veg displays, luscious tumbling mounds of goodness.
 She chose fresh figs, apples and some rambutans for their spikiness; I went for salsify - don't know how to cook it, but thats what the internet is for  after all. Suggestions  welcomed.

Boar and cranberry pie, mountains of handmade fudge, and a nice little vacpac of squirrel.Will turn that into a little tiny red wine casserole for one as can't persuade anyone to join me as yet. Cowards.

As we left we grabbed two huge roast meat rolls from Roast stall, roast pork crackling and apple sauce , and sirloin beef with horseradish cream and rocket 
 A quick mulled wine to keep frostbite off  as we shivered back to the London Bridge
Here's the link for the market.
Borough market