Saturday, 19 May 2012

beach huts R us

After a mere 13 years on waiting list we finally moved into  a beach hut on the south coast

Daughter seemed singularly unimpressed at the  cobwebby shed that awaited us... TA DAH!
 After 6 hours work we ( I )  had it under control. Robyn wanted to decorate the little table and painted a  beach hut on it   (of course)
Needs a bit more bunting, so I shall just have to sort out some fun  fabrics  to make some.
The hut is  not too far from cafe with  ice creams, and  we have a water tap about 1 min away, bliss!
gingerly lit a tiny barbecue  and sent smoke wafting over cafe patrons, so maybe we  need to rethink that 

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


My colour chart has arrived from pink chalk fabrics and its LOVELY! no more peering at computer and guessing the real shade

 why does this give me so much pleasure..maybe because its COLOUR +++, but very organised, control freak that I am ?

Saturday, 12 May 2012

a perfect day

At last................ the sun is out
we sped along to Whitstable, my favourite Kent coastal town

found somewhere to park
enjoyed walking AND talking to teenage daughter
drank a half of lovely local brew

ate a delicious crab sandwich, its gone now sadly

watched a sailboat gracefully arrive in harbour
refused to get feet wet, took pictures of daughter getting feet wet

licked a soft ice cream with flake
perused lovely funky boutiques
peered in estate agents windows planning retirement home
bought the last 2 pieces of home baked vanilla cheesecake and returned...... ahhh!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

housewife pillow cases

Whilst changing the bed today, thought my pillow cases were looking a bit sad, so trawled around for a tutorial on making some new ones. Just had a delivery of bargain oriental prints from fabric shack, this one is cherish collection kona bay cherry $ 6.14 a yard.What's even better is they can send you up to 9 yds of fabric from USA to UK for $8.50, which is great.

here's the address for the tutorial

kindle and ipad friends

made a few covers whilst I have been off sick 
think I had better stop now before all household objects get covered in this fabric..........

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

padded eyeglasses case quick make

many thanks to emedoodle for her great little tutorial

used 2 florals, band of gold silk and bright purple lining......(yep, all scraps left over from the birthday quilt)

and now in a different combo.....

guess what I will be making for the school summer fair!

Monday, 7 May 2012

a quilt for Anne

Finished this last night at 0130, you know how it is
I'll just tack it, I'll just add borders, Oh well, might as well keep going till its all done
so, woke up with stiff neck from too much hunching over the pfaff. 
Must get a stool thats adjustable. Note the sunshine thats the only break in the miserable cold wet weather we've had in the south of the UK for weeks; evidently thats also the reason my broadband is a coming and a going and SLOW.Hmm.

bordered it with a glazed cotton floral to keep the right side neutral and pretty, and used magenta and floral print for the back including the feedsack harebells

Friday, 4 May 2012

feedsack find

Being trying for weeks to find a cotton print with harebells ( her favourite flower) to include on my BFs mother's 90th birthday last found this lovely american  feedsack from 1930s on a scottish antique site! Perfect, and so great that is from the time she was born (albeit across the water)
The pressure is on not to mess it up now