Monday, 7 May 2012

a quilt for Anne

Finished this last night at 0130, you know how it is
I'll just tack it, I'll just add borders, Oh well, might as well keep going till its all done
so, woke up with stiff neck from too much hunching over the pfaff. 
Must get a stool thats adjustable. Note the sunshine thats the only break in the miserable cold wet weather we've had in the south of the UK for weeks; evidently thats also the reason my broadband is a coming and a going and SLOW.Hmm.

bordered it with a glazed cotton floral to keep the right side neutral and pretty, and used magenta and floral print for the back including the feedsack harebells


  1. You did a great job ! And it's nice to have the sunshine...

  2. sometimes you just HAVE to keep going !! well done x

  3. Just one more many times have I said that myself. Job well done, I love the fabrics you've chosen.