Wednesday, 29 October 2014

quilt label

Been asked to make a 50th birthday quilt for a friend of a friend.
Friend chose Horizon by Kate Spain which I will use for a double wedding ring lap quilt for a bedroom

Spies have been sent to match the right neutral shade for her room, which turns out to be Kona Snow.
Friend wanted a label, so I found Margo Clabo's instructions for a fabric label printed on your own bubble jet at home. You simply back an A4 piece of fabric with freezer paper, and choose a black and white image and bold the font.

This is how it turned out. I machine washed it and it hasn't disappeared! As you can see I have a few months for this project....

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

chevrons and ragging

Whilst waiting in  for my wedding ring quilt to come back from basting  (trouble with living in a tiny flat with no floor space), decided to play around with this chevron foundation pieced block.

When I foundation piece, I always like to cut the fabric pieces a lot larger than needed , or else I always seem to run into problems. This creates even more scraps .

BUT, today a new gadget has arrived for me .. a ragger!
I do like a new gadget

So, with a metre of hessian, started to use up solids scraps from chevron block

only a little way to go now.........

shared @freshlypieced today  #wipwednesday

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

wedding ring top

Really happy to have finished the scrap wedding ring
quilt top 
adding it to the WIPs at
also trying out lily's quilts small blog meet today 

Found the piecing of the rows really tough  at the intersection of 4 squares, so they are not perfect, but  OK ish.........need to read some more detail on how to sew tricky seams like that, any suggestions welcomed folks
My back is all sore and  stiff due to not moving off the machine for 4 hours or so, silly really, must get up and stretch more, but trying not to stretch as far as  the kitchen where I  made tablet this week.
Tablet is a very hard relative of fudge and best known in Scotland
Guess I also made it to celebrate the continuing union of Scotland with the UK...hurrah ( any excuse )

Ingredients...sugar, butter, sugar, water, sugar, condensed milk, sugar and vanilla bean paste.