Sunday, 22 May 2016

Splendid Sampler Experiments

Really enjoying the Splendid Sampler project and not really for the reason I thought I would. I made the knee jerk choice of using cotton and steel bluebird range as I had fallen in love with it and wanted an excuse to buy the fabric.
BUT this meant I have had a very limited colour palette to work with, mainly blues, a little cream and a little grey. I added a bright lipstick red solid to lift the project.

As we have gone on I find the challenge is to make this work for each block and I love the playing around. However I find the longer I think about it, the less likely it is to work. I think  the subconscious is my arty bit, and if I start thinking about it too much with my scientists brain, it all goes wrong. Guess it relates to ' let the fabric speak to you'.

This my favourite block so far, love the simplicity and the light/shade

This bunny block hard for me, I don't like cutesy applique, but it forced me to get slightly better at the technique. Yay!

Also the challenge of something small regularly suits me   nicely. I love making single blocks, but the idea of loads of blocks makes me feel tired just thinking about it. The latest block 29, was a pretty scrappy heart on a background, and I thought it would be interesting to reverse the idea, with solid scraps and a patterned background. I love paper piecing , the accuracy is fantastic with minimal effort, and I love sewing down marked straight lines.......