Saturday, 28 April 2012

90th birthday quilt

Just finished the blocks for my best friend's mothers 90th birthday quilt
Chose some muted florals for a summer theme, papillon by 3 sisters for Moda
Not really my favourite palette to be honest, but quite shabby chic-ish I guess.
Just got to wait for border fabric to arrive from USA, then will back with a robin egg blue from Kona to give it a  flash of colour. I love Kona solids, there's such a fantastic range, I want them all
Had to happen, can't have one  of my quilts going out too muted!!

Friends mum has always been a great support and famous for always saying to me' you look lovely dear' even when I look like a tramp thats been pulled through a bush backwards wearing a bin bag ( in fact thats how I look today funnily enough)

I hope she likes it


  1. She is going to love it. Do you have a longarm quilter close by or are you going to quilt it yourself? Here in the US LA quilters are everywhere, just wondering what it's like in your neck of the woods. I think the blue Kona will be fab on the back, a great shot of color.

  2. No LA quilter close by sadly Sharon
    I tend to quilt my smaller projects myself; but after battling with a king size one on a playground ( had no where big enough to lay it out), now send those off to LA quilter in east sussex.