Tuesday, 24 April 2012

wedding quilt

Long Island quilt safely off to long arm quilters so
next project....GO GO GO
Want  to make a quilt for my colleague Brendan who is getting married end of May, so need to get a move on. I go back to strips when time is at a  premium. Chose yellow/blue theme, wanted to sash it with white cotton pique , which seems to be impossible to find online. In the end I gave up and bought a good old makower dimples blender in yellow

Continuing with the yellow theme, impulse bought this jolly yellow frying pan this evening to cheer up the kitchen,  then my sister arrived on a surprise visit with  a fresh cinnamon pretzel for me, yippee.


  1. Thanks Diane
    Yellow and blue not my usual, but seems to have come together OK for the spring wedding quilt!