Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Liebster questions

Not quite au fait with this concept yet
seems to be a promotional concept for small bloggers ( me, small bloggie rather than physical attributes)
Angela from  
nominated me,( Hi Angela) and then nicely  told me off for being a no reply blogger.......naughty me, I promise to try harder..its hard being an oldie trying to keep up with the IT

Here are the answers to the questions she posed

nicest dream :  meeting up with my long lost love ( ah! )

favourite place in the world : walking around Rome on a summer evening: food , atmosphere, history, food, atmosphere, food again etc

favorite name :   ' Cousin It '...relative took a bit too long to name the baby, family in-joke

red or white wine : red, barossa shiraz please; although on my birthday I'd like some Heidsieck dry monopole  if you can manage it

favorite gadget ( non sewing) : hair hotbrush, one on general duties, one spare

favorite blogger  : ( auntie ) victoria findlay - wolfe ( 15 minutes of play and bumblebeans 

which fruit of veg best describes you  =  asparagus, slender, delicious, expensive , ironic, ha

Most exciting thing done = teaching a trauma course in the Falkland Islands, arriving flanked by 2 Harrier jets

Most hated word = 'challenge' used in NHS speak for more work, less resources

How did you choose your blog name = Doris = med school nickname ; Batting = US version of wadding

Worst habit = CATASTROPHISING ! 

Think I should nominate other small bloggers, maybe I can manage that tomorrow 

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