Sunday, 27 January 2013

a lovely day

at last some sunshine 
lovely breezy walk to shops
yesterday felt really unwell, but after some sleep much better today
playing with solids again looking for the ideal block for my solids bee

quite pleased with my efforts for february bee  japanese X block

had a play with this wheel one today, although had to unpick one seam 3 times to try and get it to match, some days are like that

have told my daughter to avoid me if she sees me using the seam ripper........especially if she's trying to squeeze past me at the sewing machine to ' borrow' my makeup, eyelash curlers etc etc

Love solids, love colour, love the sprinkles I found for this cake I made today

Brother in law's birthday soon, when I asked what sort of cake  he would like, he said ' surprise me'.. ah yes, the challenge is ON

1 comment:

  1. looks good ... I undid Sues blocks somany times ... in an effort to get the grey triangle points to match!!