Saturday, 12 January 2013

baby quilt time

Two of my colleagues are expecting babies around Easter, so baby quilts R us.
Love this simple rectangle block 

Used my 'girl' coloured  2/12"  scrap strips to make some.

In the middle of all this activity.....
My iron blew up and popped off its face plate, so excuse to go and peruse irons

Found a cordless one!!!! yipee

The centre squares have a delicate butterfly print, too delicate for my iphone camera evidently.
Sashed  and bordered with plain pink to get it to about 30" square, just big enough to pop baby onto it.

a days work done

meanwhile, being looking at what other groups are doing in our modern solids bee...and I love a block called duck  creek puzzle..........wonder if it can be foundation pieced?

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  1. looks like it would NEED to be foundation pieced!!