Wednesday, 6 July 2011

previous quilts....a few recovered images

My dear friend Mary managed to pass back images of past quilts I had sent to her
 ( I had lost all my images ).
the first one is made from lovely oriental fabrics purchased online from hawaii

 This went to good friend Andy who suggested a skills swap, he knitted  me a lovely silk jumper in return for the oriental quilt.Here it is. I had to laugh, I asked my 12 yo daughter to photograph the jumper, and thats exactly what she did!

Next one is a beach hut quilt which adorns my sitting room wall ( found a great quilt hanging system that does not require any drilling into walls , hurrah! )

This one was made for my sister emma's birthday last year. Bed quilts are a real problem as I live in tiny flat and have no laying out space. Had to go to local playground to lay this one out to pin it to batting and backing. Caused quite a commotion  amongst onlookers trying to work out what the hell was going on!

 This one was an early effort for a bit of free motion, I was quite pleased with the watery effect

First  harmonic convergence quilt ( ricky tims ) , LOVED the result, well done Ricky!

This was made for best friend's   friend Jane who  has since passed away.  We remember her for her sense of humour and her lovely art gallery in swansea.

VERY early efforts, made for little nephew Piran.
 Backing of Piran's quilt, made from  silver upholstery remnant. I am a sucker for sparkle, glitter, etc etc.

 First efforts at tumbling blocks. I don't think accurate piecing is my forte!


  1. I like your quilts... especially the Oriental fabrics first one. I do like your tumbling blocks, you can see them as blocks, and I love the quilting stitch you used. It looks like something I could do. I've been having alot of trouble using my regular sewing machine to quilt. It's older, and doesn't have the capability to lower feed dogs or regulate stitch length. I like the wavy lines in your quilting. Keep up the good work.
    You know there are charities out there that will take quilts you want to make, but have nobody to give them to. Bad grammar, I know, but my daughter was the one that noticed how happy I was making quilts for other people, and suggested Project Linus. Here in the States they give quilts to kids in trauma. The kids who have been taken from abusive homes or their parents have been arrested, or the kids who have cancer...or any traumatic stay at the hospital get a quilt. There are international causes, too. Look on my side bar and you'll find a site that has "Oz" in the name of it. That's Jan MacFayden (can't remember if that's her last name or not) who collects unfinished quilts and finishes them for the victims of earthquake and flood in Australia. Anyway, my point is that you can continue to make quilts even if you don't want to keep them or give them to relatives. Keep on Quilting!

  2. I make/ sell quite a few quilts for new babies, they are really useful to plop the baby onto....until they can crawl off, then you can tuck em up in the pram. Best thing quilt is SMALL.
    Problem is quilts are not really as big as they should be in popularity in the UK...... I am doing my bit to engender enthusiasm for it as an art form.

  3. ooh! A! there are a few here I had not scene! your convergence quilt looks great! I think we need to hit a good quilt shop when you are here...Love the jumper swap for a quilt! great score! ;-)