Thursday, 15 November 2012

quilted coasters

Enjoyed this lovely little tutorial on coasters
Thanks to  Charlotte

Adapted it a little, did not piece, and used normal cotton batting, basting it to back piece, and removing basting once first round of edge topstitching done
In fact got a bit carried away ( are we surprised )
24 coasters later, have decided I must give it a break
Only so many you can give any one person 
Started randomly

                        made a pinky palette set for Sister Number 1

 some funky ones for Sister number 3 who has little ones at home
(Sister number 2 tends  not use coasters but she's getting cushions for Christmas)

lastly some for my mother , this time all same topside but with different coloured backs

its a great tutorial as it results in a nice neat coaster, always a challenge with small quilty objects!


  1. you DID get carried away!... look great though xx

  2. Wow, you really got busy. Hand made gifts are the best!

  3. well they might not be the best, but they have character as we say......