Monday, 12 May 2014

work bags etc

Found a good pattern for cross body work bags, big enough  to hold stethoscope, purse, lipstick, timesheets, pens , glasses and small ( sadly) bar of chocolate

its called the two zip hipster by erin erickson

I do find the zip insertion a bit complex, so may try some modifications on the next one I make

I did a trial one in lovely Tula Pink meteor fabric. Strap needed some extra holes, so great excuse for buying another gadget, Draper pro rotatable punch. Goes through leather really easily.

Had a request to make one for night sister at work, she loves teal, so used my bluey/green batiks for that one. Now another nurse has asked for one "with cherries". Nice to be asked, but now got to go on hunt for suitable cherry fabric, order more leather straps etc.Previous bags were made with my scraps, as I need to continue to keep digging away at scrap mountain.

So back to my EQ7 quilt, have paper pieced  top row today 

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