Thursday, 14 August 2014

post festival

inspired again to get going,  finished my hole in the wall quilt from workshop with Sue Bouchard

the fabrics were in a kit at the show, so not my first choice...but meant I could get on and sew straight away
took the opportunity to really try and improve some techniques, squaring off and binding with mitres.
I had a go at some matchstick quilting, just in the cornerstones, but that was enough! Used a variegated thread which did not really contrast or completley disappear, so WRONG choice.... lesson learned.

Also converting my workshop samples to cushions as Ted the dog has chewed my last lot of cushions and they need to be replaced....
This one was from a workshop on reverse machine applique with Abbie Anne Searle

Flicking through Kaffe's latest, so pretty..........

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  1. the quilt looks great, the blocks would work well for cushions too.