Monday, 22 September 2014

pincushion fest

Best friend made the mistake of asking me to make her a pincushion for Christmas
So, permission to search the web for all sorts of lovely tutorials and patterns all day long
The US sites mention crushed walnut shells as best for stuffing  ( heavy )
I first used quinoa ( surprisingly untouched in my cupboard), then steam ironed the cushion which I think was risky as cooking may have started;  so then blasted it with the hairdryer 

Next tried pudding rice , this time without steam or nutmeg

Hmmm, off to Pets at Home looking for crushed walnut shells
No luck, it seems we use crushed oyster shells for chickens and birdies, but was vaguely worried that it may smell fishy....but no way to find out ......

Made a few with soft toy stuffing, but although they look OK, I think they will scoot around the workspace too much

Also had a go at a bracelet version, and yes, I did put a piece of cardboard in to stop the inevitable stabbing accident. After I unpicked the finished item.

Now ordered some crushed walnut shells on amazon. Made me laugh as the positive review came from another sewer 
( not a reptile keeper as it is designed for, ha)

Final selection for present


  1. I keep hearing about crushed walnut shells in pincushions. I may have to find some to try it. I would to hear how you go with it when you get it. Your pincushions are fantastic.

  2. What a nice variety of pincushions! I have yet to venture into the world of making pin cushions, but I am tempted!

  3. Great pincushions and I wonder how the oyster shells would have worked.