Wednesday, 29 June 2011

first purse

a bit wonky as failed to line up hinges with side seams accurately

also got fabric glue everywhere and was mid glueing when had to get the door to the gas engineer, agh!


  1. Cute purse!! Love the color! Victoria sent me on over. Glad you are in blog land now! Welcome!

  2. I've been meaning to make one of these. Still haven't! This is so cute, was it difficult?

  3. I found you from Victoria, who has been inspiring me for about two years now through her blog. Glad to see you've joined the community. The purse may be wonky, but those fabrics are so fabulous that no one would ever notice!

  4. I love the great fabric you used, especially on the inside :) btw, Victoria sent me :)

  5. thanks for great comments and encouragement ladies
    the purse is easy to make, but an absolute ***** to glue to purse frame!
    still picking glue off fingers, purse, table, floor.......
    having done a practice run, now making a better one for sister's birthday