Sunday, 12 August 2012

triangles galore

Much happier today than 2 days ago as now have new working washing machine ( thanks John Lewis) and BT engineer spent most of the afternoon swapping wires around  to try and get my broadband  to run faster than a tortoise with a broken leg...with moderate success. Ah, well, we can but keep trying.

Came across the tutorial for this lovely triangle block on my esteemed auntie's website , 15 minutes play.

Quite like my first block, although still having troubles where the points meet in the middle, bit or heavy ironing required to get  it to play ball.Any tips ladies and gents?

 But, have bought some nice fragrant ironing water, so its quite fun pummeling it into submission.

I just love how this block looks so completely different depending on your fabric choice


  1. Fun block. I have this pattern pinned to my design wall, one day I'll give it a whirl. Very cute fabrics. As for seams, use a thin thread, I like Aurifil and sew just a tiny smidge inside the line on the paper. See how that goes for you.

  2. Alice, Place a pin at the "point intersections" not jut in the center but down the sections when you sew them together... then all your seams line up. top, middle and point.