Sunday, 5 August 2012

london modern quilt guild

Quite an eventful journey up to St Johns Wood for my first meeting with the London Modern Quilt Guild.
Noticed this  fabric covering the train seat, made me smile, blimey that woman is going to give birth any moment !

 Dressed in white cropped leggings and flimsy ballets for the predicted 70 degrees today, was somewhat  flustered to arrive to torrential downpour in London. 
Walked past the famous Abbey Road pedestrian crossing with the mandatory tourist doing the Beatles pose

Arrived mud splattered and damp. First impressions excellent as  some lovely person had bought cupcakes. There was also a yummy  baby girl who enjoyed the proceedings intermittently making a grab for the cakes. Interesting to see different quilters styles and hear everyone's making stories. 

Also had a gander at the new kona solids collection that a lucky member had won, think they finally have a yellow that I need.......citrus. Need it to complement an Amy Butler lark yellow print for which I  could not match a solid.

Mmmmm, just discovered shot cottons , and I feel a big purchase acoming on, will wait to see them at FOQ,( Oakshott fabrics ) before buying.Think they should be spectacular in borders.

Yesterday, I did a big hunt through all my fabric boxes to find my solids as I felt I had run out....WRONG, but definitely need some pinks and reds. One day I will sort out the fabric stash, but not just yet....

Now, off to start making my item for secret scrap partner swap ....heh heh heh (evil laugh)


  1. I'm heading to a show in 3 weeks and I'm hoping a vendor has some shot cottons. They make a great addition to solids. Glad you enjoyed the guild meeting.

  2. It was so nice meeting you on Sunday and I love your blog. Hope you have fun at FOQ. I'm not going but wish I was. Have a great day when you go.
    Patti xxx