Saturday, 28 July 2012

spool block

waking up after a great evening watching opening ceremony of olympics, did you see? what did you think of it ?
I was really touched by the fact that women from countries where they are not usually allowed to do PE let alone appear on olympics, were on  their teams...fantastic...a few feminist tears rolled down my face I can tell you. OK that's enough of that.

Thought I would try and learn a bit more about traditional blocks  as that is not my style , but I  do love to learn  , so started the day by making a the spool block. 
Now back to hoovering and washing up, thats should wake my daughter up, ha!

 caught up now with the quilt-along, been quilting for 12 hours now, funny how time flies


  1. I didn't watch all of the ceremonies, but saw most of the countries entering into the stadium. What I saw was brilliant! I've taped the end so I can watch it Sunday night when I return home.

  2. there is something rather special at the end , enjoy!

  3. I loved the opening ceremony... other than Paul McCartney,,, but then I was never a fan x
    well done for having a go at the blocks xx

  4. yes, he does seem to get dragged out for everything
    we loved the cauldron