Saturday, 21 July 2012

liberty print bird sculptures

Spent a great afternoon at Jaina Minton's Liberty print bird workshop held at Craft Guerilla in E17.
Jaina has a very interesting background, after working as a prop maker for TV art attack  where she discovered you can make anything out of news paper, she  makes fantastic sculptures  you can see on her site

Robyn and I spent 4 hours making these little darlings from a bit of scrunched up newspaper, garden wire, PVA, acrylic paint and about half a fat quarter of Liberty lawn fabric per bird. At one point all our birds had health problems, mine had  HUGE feet, another bird had polio in one leg, and one bird was looking mean and nasty! Jaina coaxed us through and all was good in the end.

 Robyn took this photo of Florian and Charlie ( of course they have names! ) on our balcony.
Thoroughly recommend the workshop, even got homemade banana cake and tea whilst birdies were drying out, lovely!

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