Friday, 13 July 2012

Cube Pincushion

Thanks to this pattern
gave this a go
added some holographic sequins to strap
found it all a bit fiddly, may try another method....I do like cubes........
and bling, its got some glittery buttons. 
I had to hand stitch the last side after stuffing, and perhaps I should look up the tutorial on whip stitching again....its OK but I will strive for better for the next one. 
Just joined London Modern Quilters Guild-  and  looking forwards to a scrap swap soon. had 30 % off Amy Butler today, so although had sworn not to buy more fabric before festival of quilts, I, um, did.
Quelle surprise
Dear Daughter returned from Barcelona netball tour today, burnt shoulders  but looks very healthy.........evidently living on fat  coke and churros for a week suits her 


  1. That is really cute, I'll check out the pattern. Enjoy the guild, they all have something for everyone.

  2. Thanks Sharon, I'm looking forwards to getting involved and meeting more people to inspire me.