Sunday, 8 July 2012

1600 quilt

Had a pretty jelly roll hanging around looking at me from one of my bins begging to be used so...... tried the 1600 quilt where you 
( simply ? ) sew end to end, then fold the long piece in 2 and sew up the long side etc etc. Evidently finished item should be 48" x 64". Mine is 59" x 30 ". Must have been a duff jelly roll.
 Its a long skinny quilt, so it needs  some sideways expansion. Started by bordering in gold metallic silk - my fave fabric of the  moment. I get it from whitelodge fabrics, its not too expensive and back it with fine iron on interfacing, then its ready to go.
OK, I admit it , I also sent off for 6 free samples of other metallic silk fabrics ..hoping they can all be interfaced and slipped into my into my quilts subtly or not so subtly
quiltsquilts subtly, or maybe not so subtly........

cupcakes of the day were vanilla with apricot coloured icing , orange  glitter  ( has to be done ) and yellow balls. Appreciated by work colleagues , work was busy today, so a quick cake fix helps.
Daughter is off on school trip abroad tonight. Have to drop her off at 0200 at school, then my little darling will be away from me abroad for the first time. I won't rest until I've heard she's safely arrived.
I am a fully fledged member of the overanxious mums club.
Guess that will ring a bell with some of you!


  1. I always started off with...are they OK?... thenit deteriorated into ... must be OK THEY HAVE not CONTACTED ME!!! YOUR QUILT LOOKS LOVELY XX