Tuesday, 2 October 2012

pom pom trim cushion palaver

Saw some LOVELY cushions edged with pom pom trim
How difficult can that be I said to myself?
A: quite difficult

Working with a nightmare faux taffeta my daughter chose for her bedroom , all slidy aroundy the placey. Nasty.
What is the trick to sewing the pom pom braid on, I have integral IDT, and I tried zipper foot, no good, then open foot, a little better...but those darn poms kept dashing under my needle just to get me!I got my own back by spearing a few.They have to know who is boss.
 After battling with one side, had to eat 4 chocolate biscuits to regain morale
Any hints from anyone au fait with the pom pom trim  tricks, let me have your tips please?

and just to show you those darn pom poms, grrrr

1 comment:

  1. Glue, that's the trick. Sewing glue, such as Roxannes. A little dot all along the way will hold everything in place and then you can stitch. I use this for my appliques and also for piping on pillows or borders.