Monday, 1 October 2012

liberty print scrap cushion

Inspired by this pretty autumnal project on cluck cluck sew ( thanks cluckcluck!
Thought I could use my liberty lawn  charms  which  I had bought to cover decoupage birdies
They are not my first choice of fabric as they are rather muted  - but they seemed to be right for the falling leaves

Still cautiously learning applique, so used raw edge with a simple straight stitch at a short  1.5 length

What did I learn?
1. Do not fuse edges of the bondaweb to ironing board, especially if you have just bought nice new clean one
2. Leaves all needed cutting down as I had made them too large for my cushion front  18" square
3. Having arranged all the leaves in satisfactory pattern on the front piece on the floor, somewhat of a challenge to pick it all up onto ironing board without leaves a falling before they should
4. Should have left a bit more space above and below to allow for seams not getting too close to the motif

1 comment:

  1. Love your lessons learnt! Cushion looks great with the liberty prints.