Friday, 28 September 2012

100th post

100th blog post today
I may have to bake cupcakes to page in hummingbird bakery book is....strawberry cheesecake cupcakes, I'll give them a go tomorrow.

Having a testing time trying to pick borders for the sample blocks I made with quilting gallery's quiltalong.
I made each block from different fabrics, with a solid in each, which seemed fun at the time, but its a challenge to  tie it all up so it doesn't look like a total dog's dinner.Mmm, maybe it it still a dog's dinner but with nice borders.........determined for it not to become an unfinished project lurking in the depths, going to complete it this weekend, well just the top.
In the end decided to sash with yellow, the new citrus from Kona which was JUST the yellow I was looking for.

Now got to choose the outer 6" border
As I am on a  trying not to spend on non essentials ( ha ha ), HAD to use something I already have.  As I cannot move for boxes of fabric, maybe not too unreasonable.
Thinking this retro-ish print will do?

Looking forwards to doing  my first challenge with London Modern Quilt Guild soon, I am fascinated  how a group of quilters inspiration and creativity varies when presented with the same fabrics...intriguing.

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