Wednesday, 5 September 2012

bali beauty and crafts

We have just returned after spending a wonderful 6 days in Bali
The journey from the UK was pretty horrible, whole thing took about 23 hours, but well worth it
We stayed at Bali Ecostay, on the slopes of Mount Batukaru and it was as if we had found paradise
This the view from our balcony

Anyway, we had the opportunity to try some local crafts whilst we were there

We made offerings and decorations from young coconut fronds

We had a go at wood carving, this is my lotus.....felt exhausted after hammering away for 3 hours!I think I had confused wood carving with whittling in my mind........

we made simple bamboo baskets with the Grandpa

 I asked our driver to stop on the way back to the airport in the nearest town to buy some sarong, and we stopped in Tabanan and a WONDERFUL shop filled with stacks of brilliant know the much and you cannot make a decision on what to buy. Our poor driver was also a bit embarassed as we were sorting through ladies stuff....

Here is what I bought

Back home now  adjusting to UK time zone, and I found that I had won some patterns from quilting gallery for this block, yeah!


  1. Welcome home! Looks amazing! I bet it was very inspiring!

  2. so glad the journey did not ruin your holiday... SOOOO jealous of your fabrics xx looks like you had a wonderful time xx