Wednesday, 19 September 2012

bags of stress

I do find that the only way to forget the stress of the ED is to get into making as soon as dinner is done.
Things are really tough at work , so my making is accelerating. A lot.
 I'm into lined totes this week
Loved using Aneela Hooey's' walk in the woods' for bag number 1

Daughter wants it, but I want it MORE

Bag number 2  slightly improved with a contrast band and a starched pressed boxy bottom to avoid sagginess...until you actually use it that is, ha ha.

This one I lined with a tiny daisy print gingham I bought at FOQ

Also participated in my first swap, was really worried my secret partner had not got my package, but it finally arrived in Canada 2 weeks after posting, and luckily she likes the contents. Thanks Barb for the message, love your blog name Quilting Barbie!