Tuesday, 4 December 2012

liberty box pouch

Found this great  tutorial which dealt with my fear of sewing zips


I was in London today for a conference and during lunch time, I zoomed over to Shaukat , Old Brompton Road.
The staff in there all had there ears glued to their mobiles , but still asked me if I wanted help ( whilst on the phone ) and told me there was also a downstairs section  which was a cave of liberty fabrics wonderful, wonderful, oh oh TOO MUCH CHOICE
managed to get out with 6 half meters, and 6 metres polka dot cottons for linings

Look !

So back home to try the  pouch
have to show you the  first one for a laugh..........

looks like an avant garde something?

by 3rd attempt I was getting the hang of it  enough to use some precious liberty fabric
think its good enough to give as a gift.....
mmm, I feel a lot of pouches a coming on, be warned


  1. Your box pouch is beautiful! Isn't Shaukat a treasure trove!

  2. Love it! Is this a place I have to put on my list for things to do while in London? the only Liberty fabric I bought was in NYC and I made a scarf, I love it!