Sunday, 2 December 2012

we love kona solids

 Trying out the key quilt from  this book which arrived recently, compiled by Susanne Woods

this is the plan

I chose glacier, jade , chartreuse with ivory from my lovely kona colour chart

However, having major problems quilting it as I  microstitch basted it on my king bed, and  its just not taught enough. Too much puckering at the end of machine rows of linear quilting.
After struggling to get a few rows done, have decided that maybe a bit of hand quilting may work better......made a slow start.
Next time, must send  my quit off to have it basted on longarm, when I retire I want to move to somewhere with floor space to baste....dreaming of a sewing studio.................


  1. I love how the hand quilting plays against the rows of machine work. Sometimes things not working out lead us better designs. And yes, having your piece basted by a L.Arm quilter makes things much easier.

  2. thanks Sharon
    I cant get on with tiny eyed quilting needles
    any suggestions for best hand needles for hand emboidery?