Thursday, 6 March 2014

Ah, blogging...I remember that

Well, at last first blog of 2014

Err, we got a puppy just before Christmas, and my life has been in suspended animation since

Ted, ready to go for  first walk , firmly strapped into coat

Reminds me of when Robyn was born. I am not a natural go with the flow person. 
I understand some people actually have a puppy and get on with their lives as well.

Late February, finally tried to get back to some sewing, so let little pooch ( Ted ) into room. 

Within 30 seconds she found the only pin on the floor and trod on the sewing machine pedal

Did that seam quite fast....OUT YOU GO !

But, finally got the simply solids amaranth july quilt together and  I like, you like?

Daughter is now 15, and capable of looking after doggy whilst I attended London Modern Quilt Guild at last. Enjoyed the meeting. Good buzz, as we have now joined modern quilt guild, whoo hoo!

Challenge this month was to make a boxy pouch which Cara from pink stitches demoed for us, thanks Cara. Chose some linen mix solid to combine with print.Used fairly light fusible interfacing, so a bit too floppy for my liking...but with lots of stuffing and starch spray made it pull itself together for the photo. I enjoyed the simple zip, no fannying around with zip tabs. Should have waited until my order of chunky zips arrived, but when you want to get on with a project, you just have to go for it.When they do arrive, I can make more.The zip is not a nasty royal blue, honest. I think iPhoto enhanced it a bit too much.

One of my junior docs sent me this photo of his bubby wrapped in the quilt I made for  her...sweet.


  1. well at least your life is starting to have a sort of order xx may the fun continue xx

  2. what a dynamic quilt ....yes you have sooo much talent you just reflect it the pup