Monday, 28 April 2014

Spring !

New enthusiasm with the advent of Spring
Gone a bit mad
Most excited as have booked up for festival of Quilts, the whole festival
whoooo hoooo

Makes this month include these addictive little pattern weights

Also got a bias tape maker as felt the need for a new gadget
got a 2 inch quilt tip for it too, it only folds it in half but its so much  fun running it through the machine

last meeting of London Modern Quilt Guild the challenge set was to do some curved piecing. One of our members demo'ed  for us, and I found the tip of starting in the middle rather than at one end essential

Bag making again, not perfect but OK for me to use

And trying some Tula Pink blocks from her book
 '100 modern quilt blocks'

To  give you a laugh, look at my first try at a top with my own bias binding, spot the mistake?

Found something on my quilt border

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