Saturday, 29 October 2011

christmas quilt time

Here we go...........
planning to sash this with scarlet, and back with hunter green flannel for daughters bed. Not decided on binding, maybe a turquoise blender with a pearlescent overprint for a frosty finish 
( as opposed to a frosty reception when I give it to her and she thinks its her only present )
she's very  excited about Christmas
have to order the flannel from USA, hope it arrives soon.

Maybe a few tasteful jingle bells at the corners..........or maybe not?

I just can't do a little bit of quilting, I have to go on and on until the top is done. Then I get a really sore neck from overdoing it. What I need is a sewing studio, fed up of pinning on top of my bed as the only space in the flat....well, if I win the lottery, a bijou residence with a sewing studio is on the cards.
Time now for a sit down with a glass of wine and leave the quilt alone.

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