Wednesday, 5 October 2011

old maid's ramble etc

now making designs and  blocks for module 1 of my  textile course
not used to traditional blocks at all, but quite enjoyed the hand piecing I had to do as I found that the block is much more malleable when hand pieced.

these sketches had to be  based on my  photos
the second is my daughters hair which has a life of its own

at least  I have an excuse to go and buy lovely art materials !

this is my first hand pieced block
'fifty-four forty or fight'

this took me a very long time as all I had was a picture and no idiot instructions of how to piece the blocks, needless to say a lot of unpicking time I need to PLAN and work it out first.As they say in the army....PERFECT PREPARATION PREVENTS P***  POOR PERFORMANCE  or words to that effect. 

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