Sunday, 30 October 2011


Love sequins, but never sewn with them. 
Worried about how to machine sew them
In the end just used a new sharp needle and sewed straight down the middle of the strand
Hopefully they will be secure enough to cope with washing
Any other advice re sewing sequins on ? some mentioned zigzag stitch...would that make them more secure and less likely to catch?

finally finished nephews quilt, decided to bind it in grey, sash it in black to make it a little bit more boyish....


  1. I love the bits of yellow in this quilt, it really adds to it. Good choice on the sequins, that's how I would do it. and I love your daughters quilt, turq and red is so hot right now.

  2. yes, think same colour sequins is the way to go.....

  3. Love the colors you used on your nephew's quilt... looks like a Chinese Coin variation. Very nice.
    Love your sequins idea, too.