Tuesday, 11 June 2013

chicks and bee time

Found this lovely nest of pied wagtails in a tiny courtyard next to my office a week ago, look how they have grown in only a few days
they were tweeting so much for food, that it disturbed a meeting we were holding as I could not concentrate, and the nurses laughed as they said they knew I was worried about 'my' babies  crying.

Its my  month for the solids bee, and I cocked it up by posting wrong border measurements. Luckily other bee members have a basic grasp of maths and let me know , phew.
I hope  everyone enjoys the wavy block as it gives a great result...like a landscape I think. I am excited to see what different people create  for me.


  1. Alice, the baby birds are so sweet! I have house martins nesting in the eaves of my house, but the dawn chorus ( 4.00am!) is not always conducive to sleep. I've finished your bee blocks, which are going to make a very interesting, and colourful quilt.

  2. best sort of distaction I would say xx not tackled your block yet ... glad the mistake was noticed before I did! lol xx

    1. cone on Diane, get your quilting mojo on!