Friday, 12 July 2013


Well, today finally took a deep breath in:, watched several you tube videos, bought elastic thread and tried shirring.

Well, luckily my BF told me that someone on the great british sewing bee had said you do NOT have to hand wind the elastic onto the bobbin as is the received wisdom....just go slowly....and it works!

First attempt rubbish as used basting length stitch and I had left my automatic feed unengaged

Second go, remembered to back stitch to stop it all pinging out, and  a 3.0 stitch length, and although a bit wobbly, getting there I think

Really want a nice simple summer dress pattern that I can make loads of , so a shirred waist seemed to be easiest

Meanwhile have hand tied my kaffe fassett quilt, phew, hundreds of ties; Just needs binding now.

Spent the morning buying 6 pairs of summer sandals for my daughter who finds shopping for herself a bit overwhelming...and success! She actually likes one pair, only 5 to go back tomorrow.......


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished Kaffe Fassett quilt as I'm thinking of tieing an old WIP of mine.

    1. I did find the tip of using a continous thread round for several ties in a block useful, before I had always done them one at a time, mug!

  2. well done you .. for the shirring AND finding a pair of sandles that WILL be worn xx

    1. thanks Diane, got your parcel today........I've got to do more work!!! Boo!