Friday, 9 August 2013

festival of quilts 2013

Fantastic time
This year, when I dropped of my daughter at camp, she couldn't wait to get in, so felt much happpier buzzing off  to Birmingham.Met up with Debbie H for dinner one night which was fun too.

This year tried the quick and easy workshops
Made a razzle dazzle bowl with soluble stabiliser ...well, I stitched it, it has  come home to be dunked and draped over a bowl, so tomorrow morning it should be ready for its reveal

Did one on the  basics of hand quilting with Anne Jermey, brilliant, not so scared or put off to give this a go now .
However not so sure about the advice to wear your thimble all day , so it becomes part of you...this may add to my strange appearance I think

Last one today was on  trapunto, made 2 stuffed hearts, very proud, thought the fishtail closure of the slit on reverse was a very cute

Finished with Kaffe and Brandon, lecture on colour.........such fun, Kaffe has all the ladies oooh and ahhing , and you feel blasted with colour inspiration when you come out, YES!

This little piece caught my eye...princess and the pea, what a brilliant excuse to make loads of tiny quilts!

Oh, and I bought a few bits and bobs


  1. I'm heading there tomorrow - can't wait!!! Looks like you spent your pennies wisely :)

  2. so glad you had a good time x and your "few" bits and bobs should keep you busy for a while x