Sunday, 25 August 2013

summer making

Really enjoying having August off work
Making something  everyday when I should  be perhaps doing the odd bit of housework, but I think I am a fully paid up member of  the domestic sluts brigade.

Had to clean up the flat a bit so R could have a friend  over, made them both pencil cases for the new term. R had chosen the grey prints.

However, was told by R in no uncertain terms , NOT to give one to her friend as its just not cool to have matching pencil cases, silly me.

Somewhat bruised by this encounter, I  found an unfinished quilt top and decided to  quilt it up...and thats what I have done  today

Also  planning to make 80 cupcakes for my niece's 21st. Thinking of doing super hero cases with multicolour iced cupcakes with love hearts decorations;   a retro vibe I think. Quite a responsibility to get it right!

Missing R who is at camp this week, flat seems too quiet without her.

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  1. how could you even THINK of them having matching pencil cases!! I am surprised at you!!!! lol x quilt looks good x