Thursday, 15 August 2013

fabric taming

Yeah, after 5 days, the fabric is SORTED

except I don't seem to have a 'reds' box, only a few pathetic pieces which seem to have found their way into the orange/yellow box.
I have far  too much purple/pink..............., hence the oven gloves I made yesterday

Scrap coasters ++

Mad block for simply solids bee, still having trouble swirling the middle seam with the paper foundation on.....

What's even more exciting  I found:
A new A2 cutting board
Crochet and knitting needles, fancy wool for projects
Loads of fusible batting
4 quilt sleeves

And a quilt top that I had completely forgotten about,
 hey hey!

Just going for a lie down now ......
Dear teen daughter on good form complaining that she doesn't have a mac air laptop and I have all the good things, well if she got a job she could have nice things too..grrr, must keep CALM

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