Tuesday, 13 August 2013

experiments and scraps

Learned how to make a fabric scraps bowl at FOQ,using soluble stabiliser and free motion stitching;  first one came out a but wonky,  creased and gothic,  the colours of a bruise

Second attempt used matching thread and less material

Now, this bowl looks best displayed like a plate , with light shining through it; but if you put it on a plate stand, it sort of starts to sag down with gravity...it needs a wee support behind it to hold it up. Have to think on that one.

Finally, now I have retired from NHS job, needed to sort out my fabric ( GASP )

4 days later, and I am about 50% of the way through
Generated big bin bag of scraps I am never going to use, off for recycling: and one I need to use for scrap projects to keep its volume down!

Coasters and  baubles I think

finished a quilt top for my friend Meilings wedding, off to Debbie's for basting tomorrow

Visited by mother today..she had bought this quilt from a charity shop in Cornwall for £6.50...it is 7' square . Methinks the charity shop does not know much about value of quilts! It looks as if its been done on a domestic machine to me, wow.


  1. b askets look great xx wow your mum did well there!.. is it going to be an heirloom and passed on? lol x have fun with your fabric sorting x

  2. I'm so jealous of you retiring from the NHS, think of all the time you'll have for sewing! I've got 12 months to go though I'm not sure if I'll last that long. Your mother definitely got a bargain!